Each chambers temperature (heated from Top & Bottom) are independently adjustable & comfortably fits 6 x 35mm, or 3 x 60mm or 2 x 4 well dishes. The EC6S allows its operator to access cultures in the desired chambers without disturbing the adjacent chambers thus the harmful effects of fluctuations in temperature and gas caused by everyday incubator access are avoided.


Independent Temperature, CO2 and O2 sensors on each drawer, independent control. Extremely stable in culture environment. Each drawer is a separate, hand-held incubation chamber. Independent alarm system on each drawer.


The EC-9 is equipped with an easy access and convenient sampling ports located in the front of the unit. This allows the operator to access these ports without the need to move or reach behind the unit and possibly disturb the cultured embryos.

SS-250 Smart Station Comfortable Crib for your Lab

With the end users comfort at the core of our design principle the Smart Station delivers unrivaled ergonomics to improve the quality of your time in the lab. From oocyte pick-up to embryo transfer and many other tasks, the Smart Station handles them all with a combination of functionality, accuracy and the most comfortable way you like to work.

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