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Air Quality Control System Set

Brain of the Air Quality Control System which collects and analyzes all data from different probes in real-time.Up to two Probes and one Graywolf Particle Counter can be connected and data logged simultaneously.


Air Cleaner KN is advanced equipment designed for IVF Laboratory use which purifies air against Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Chemically Active Compounds (CACs), particles, microorganisms, toxins, solvents and odor.

Air Speed / Temperature / Volume Air Flow Probe for IVF

VOC-Log for IVF, High Humidity

VOC measurement in ppb (parts per billion) sensitivity. Standard ppm (parts per million) VOC meters cannot detect low level of VOCs present in IVF laboratories (less than 500 parts per billion).


Perfect for inexperienced users in need of training practice as well as for professionalsComplete manual system, no coarse manipulator is requiredLarge movement rangeEasy for the micropipette to return to “HOME POSITION”Adjustable micropipette holder angle between 20° and 40°Micropipette holder fixing knob reduces vibration and easy handling of the spermEasy installation and service3D Hydraulic Manipulation Joysticks for smooth movementPneumatic Air Injector for ICSI and HOLDINGNo service required for injectorSame sensitive injectors on both sides and interchangeable if neededTop quality for affordable priceMedical Device CE mark


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